Saturday, February 5, 2011

William and Ryder...Hanging Out!

I know I say this a million times, but my boys are so darn cute! William is a nut, he is all about superheroes and playing the air guitar. Ryder is starting to develop one super cute personality. He is in love with his feet, he is pretty good at getting on all 4's and going nowhere and lately he's been doing the sit ups. He's kind of close to crawling but I honestly think he's too chunky to move forward. He's really good at pushing back. He'll get the hang of it eventually. I'm not too eager for this to happen, he'll be into everything before we know it.

A pro at all 4's

1001...1002...working on that sixpack!

Too flipping cute!

Spider William

Rockin' out!

Happy 11th Anniversary

Last month Chris and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in Austin! I am amazed at how much I love this man. I never thought in a million years I would be this happy with my life. I have an amazing husband who has the sweetest outlook on life and I have 2 beautiful children. What more could a girl ask for? It's no secret Chris and I were married at a young age. I was 20 and he was 22. I always hear people say, if we only did this or we only did that differently...
Chris and I have undoubtedly made some pretty bad decisions but in retro spec they turned out to be all the right ones. You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs! We found our groove, and we are in a great place right now. Each day I wake up and fall in love with Chris all over again. Our marriage is overflowing with laughter and love. I can't believe my whole life changed with 4 little words....Will You Marry Me?

Frog Boys

A few weeks ago Chris and I found the"missing" tote with all of William's blankets and bath towels. This froggy towel was always my favorite and I couldn't resist taking Ryder's picture in it. It scares me how much they look alike!

New Years Day at the Park

On New Years day Chris, the kids and I took a drive to visit my brothers in The Woodlands. We went out for lunch and then played at the park. Christian channeled into his inner kid and was all over the place. Apparently all those knee surgeries finally payed off. He was swinging with William and chasing that kid all over the place. Good old Uncle Chi Chi! It was a good way to start of the new year, they are always so busy I never get to see the bros as much as I'd like to.

Ryder's 1st Haircut

What can I say, I've got some hairy boys!! William had his first haircut when he was 6 months old, and of course Ryder needed one too so we went on Jan 2 to get one. That poor boy had a serious comb over kicking and I really wanted him to have something a little more stylish. He did great at first but after the a few minutes, he started to have a meltdown. After it was all done Ryder look just as dapper as ever!! He's such a cutie!!

2-15-05 William's first haircut!

Family Christmas

I know, this is absolutely pitiful. It's February and I'm blogging about Christmas. But I've been crazy busy and now I'm finally making time to update everything.

This Christmas was so fun. William was in Santa dreamland and Ryder was just fun to have around. He of course doesn't understand a thing going on but he sure is cute to look at! William had a VERY long list of what he wanted from Santa. He wanted Iron Man stuff, building stuff, games, air hockey...oh I could go for months with all the things he kept adding to his list. In the end he got a bunch of puzzles, games, he did get air hockey but a much smaller version of the game. He got a skateboard ramp, basketball goal, a glow station, Iron Man mask, gloves, chest piece and costume. As you can tell in the pictures below, Iron Man was a hit. Next year is going to be even better, Ryder will be mobile and the two of my boys will have a blast with Santa, presents and the entire family.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dallas Christmas

The week of Christmas my parent, the kids and I took a trip to Dallas. Oh what an adventure. Thank God for my Ipad and William's DVD player I might have gone nuts. The drive up there took FOREVER. We stopped 3 or 4 times for potty breaks and to feed Ryder. On the way home we got a flat tire in Centerville and almost got involved in a fender bender that happened right in front of us. Despite our drama our visit was awesome. My Tia Carmen was visiting from Venezuela and it's a rare opportunity to see her and I wanted her to meet Ryder so bad. She is my Nanny's sister and the two of them resemble each other so much. I love being around her because everything she does reminds me so much of my grandmother. I am so happy she got to see the kids. Her soft kindness melted my heart.

Finally...I got some awesome pictures of the kids with their Nana, Nanny and Papa!